Meaningful : having a serious, important, or useful quality or purpose

So many of the signs that we create come from our customers. An idea that comes from an experience or a feeling that our customers want to share with someone else. We thought you would like to hear some of the stories. They have touched us deeply. To have the ability to create a lasting piece of artwork that will forever invoke emotion is worth more than anything to us.

We get a lot of orders for personalized signs used as wedding gifts. A sign that will mark that special day of two hearts coming together as one, starting a new life of love and hope. We have also made signs that mark the birth of a new baby with all of the important facts like a birthdate, place, weight, height etc etc. Engagements, retirements and favorite quotes are some others. These are some of our favorites to make because we know that they are given with love. Here are some examples...



One of the most touching requests that we had was a group of signs to mark a special person who is no longer with us. A family member wanted to make a "word cloud" to represent all of the wonderful traits of her sister. She gave us all of the beautiful words and from there, we decided on 4 main colors. She wanted five signs to give to family members. We made each one with different color combinations, but kept the words the same. We can't wait to hear how the family received them.




One of our favorite signs was one we made for a friend whose only daughter had just left for college. We created a sign with their favorite saying.It was a way to give her daughter comfort if she was feeling homesick and show her how loved she is. The response from her daughter was priceless ... she said it was the best present ever and that she would take it with her wherever she lived. 


This sign was custom made for someone who was going through one of life's rough patches. Her friend wanted to give her something to remind her of all of her beautiful qualities. Her name is Joy and we painted the letters in her favorite color. Not only was it made with love, but given with love as well. 

We hope you have enjoyed seeing just a touch of the custom signs we have designed. Meaningful signs whose useful purpose is to invoke lasting emotion. Our joy is creating for the heart. So, cheers to all of you at the New Year. We hope that you find and feel meaning this whole year through!