Tis' the Season

The winter season is one of our favorite times of the year. We enjoy spending cold snowy nights cuddled with our babes or frolicking with our friends, celebrating the joys of the season and remembering holiday traditions. Memories that are ingrained in our hearts from generations past. 

We have fond childhood memories of cozy nights watching beloved holiday classics such as The Grinch and It's a Wonderful Life, while sipping hot cocoa on a cold winter night. We remember the feeling we had when Clarence received his wings in the cherished holiday classic "It's a Wonderful Life!". Knowing every word to the song, "you're a mean one, MR. Grinch...". Enjoying the vocals of Julie Andrews in "The Sound of Music".

A feeling that warms the heart, makes us smile and fills our lives with hope and love. We are blessed not only to share these memories, but to create new ones with our own children, friends and family. The pure joy of experiencing the magic of the holidays through the eyes and wonder of our children; hoping that our fond memories will some day be theirs too.

All of this has inspired us to create our Holiday Collection.  We chose neutral colors that would blend beautifully with any home decor. And of course we added some sparkle, because, as we all know, the season is all about the shine!  We also chose a vintage typewriter font that reflects holidays past and a beautiful modern calligraphy font to celebrate holidays present. Each piece was thoughtfully designed and crafted with the hope of sharing the spirit of the season with all of you. 

They are perfect to adorn your holiday mantle, a sweet touch for under your tree or replace one of your pictures on your gallery wall. They make wonderful gifts as well. We hope you love them just as much as we do. So, for this holiday season, we are counting our blessings, creating lifetime memories and hoping that we can add a little sparkle to your home! Keep cozy as these winter months approach and we look forward to sharing more thoughts and designs with all of you!