It’s been an amazing month of growth, learning and introspection for Sissy & Co! We decided to go for it…develop a new logo, create a new website, build our brand, streamline our collections, and introduce new concepts. We are beyond excited to share this journey with all of you!


Some ask, "How did it all start?". Well, it has evolved naturally. We have always been interested in using chalk paint and in the process of design. We began making signs for a few family and friends. As we grew, we came to the realization that we are building a brand...well, sort of. Sure, we would design some signs with our own thoughts and ideas, but originally a lot of our work came from friends that wanted that special, personalized gift.  Today, our designs still come mostly from our clients, and we love collaborating with them to create a sign from their vision.


As you explore our website, you’ll discover that each sign comes from our souls. You’ll see what we love and the things in life that that make us happy. A favorite saying, a fun word or definition, a font that we just can’t live without, or a palette of colors that warms our souls. A little piece of us, made for just for you.


As we have grown, our creative energy has blossomed. It’s the part of the process that we love the most...sometimes between running kids around, over a glass of wine, or during an early morning phone call after dreaming up a design idea during the night. Sissy & Co. has flourished with abundance!


This is just the beginning for Sissy & Co., and we are very grateful to our families, our friends, our lovers of design, our kindred spirits, and strangers that are now connected to us through our work. We feel your love and support. We hope that through our signs we can touch a piece of your heart like you have ours. So let’s celebrate to new beginnings, eternal growth, and simply, to living life with passion!


Lauren Hoch - Market.jpg