Spring Fever

Although our east coast winter has been mild, we are more than ready for spring. Our flowers and plants are so confused right about now, but have been giving us gentle reminders of rebirth and promise. Our hearts and minds have been filled with a gratitude for life and nature which has inspired a new collection. Fittingly named our "nature" collection, we have been designing styles that represent parts of nature that make us happy.

Often during the hustle and bustle of life, we forget to take time to notice the simple and lovely presence of all that surrounds us. To take time to breathe deep, see the bounty of nature and to be grateful for what Mother Nature has given to us.

Sometimes life's journey with all of its ups and downs, helps us focus. To look inside our hearts and to seek what is most important in life. To find an easy and simple way, one that connects us to wherever our hearts find comfort and familiarity.

Within the past few years, we have had those moments. We have said goodbye to loved ones, found new family and have grown spiritually because of it. It has sent us on a path of growth which we are able to express through our designs. Our hummingbird reminds us of loved ones past and our sunflower give us hope for loved ones found. All of our signs are a representation of our love of life and we hope that our signs connect with all of you.

Nature, in all of its beauty, will speak to you if you let it. If you take the time to meander on long walk in the woods, sit on the beach for a early morning sunrise, or close your eyes to hear the doves singing. We hope that this spring and always, you take the time to listen and enjoy nature. Maybe, just maybe, you will hear it talking back.